Friday, April 22, 2011

Wk 4 Wimba

Each person shared their publishing leadership project and gave constructive criticism on their projects.
There were many interesting projects presented.

Learning a different language can be difficult for some students. Sandra’s project on How to use web 2.0 tools to learn a different language was quite interesting. She focused on technology in the learning process, technology as a motivator, technology as an educator.  I really liked her idea of using comic strips for the students to write a story. I also liked that she used plan B when Glogster did not work for her. Many teachers hesitate to use technology tools because sometimes it fails. There should always be a plan B in place. I think she did a wonderful job putting it all together.

Trina’s project contained very thorough information. Her students did show growth in reading. I felt as if her article was too lengthy. I think that when she is ready to send it out to the publishers some of them will admire all of the information she provided (such as tables on her data), others will feel it is too long. The pictures did look good on her paper, but will the publishers accept it?

Jen’s keynote project positive behavior support really hit the spot for me. I had to deal with many behavior issues last year with my students. I could relate exactly to how she felt. This year they actually implemented a behavior plan in my school. Much of what she mentioned in her literature review are strategies learned in classroom management classes. Her documentation of classroom behaviors made me think that maybe I should take note if the strategies I use and see if students improve during the year or not.

Mikes action research was fun. Mythology is a subject that most students like learning about, at least when I have taught it. Integrating technology with mythology is great. I liked his idea of a no risk project. Letting students choose how to learn about a subject makes the lesson much more interesting. I got a lot of ideas from his project. It seems as if he kept his students engaged. It’s true what Kathy said about him.

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