Friday, April 8, 2011

Wk 2 Reading

How can we think outside the box we live in?
Great question. There have been many times when I ask myself that question. Thinking outside of the box is what gives birth to creativity. Yet much of what we are taught as being accepting and normal keeps many people inside of the box. I have fallen in this trap many, many, times. I do find that as I get older I have actually began to think out of the box.
What might we invent that would give us other choices?
A positive perspective and knowing that there are an abundance of choices available to each and everyone of us would give us other choices.


  1. I too was struck by the concept of thinking outside the box. It seems like all my life, doing things 'by the book' was what was expected, so I sometimes feel uncomfortable with the idea of thinking outside the box. However, I do see the value of it and like you, I am working to get out of the habit of expecting that from my students.

  2. The name of the game is understanding that there is choice. It's generally not very easy to remember that, which is part of the reason why I assigned this book. Hope you are enjoying it.