Friday, April 22, 2011

Wk 4 Peer Response 2

Klytia Burcham says:
My dream teaching environment would involve an administration that understood that standardized testing is not the most important or valid way of measuring what a student has learned. I would love to have a kindergarten room, like we used to have way back when, that is extremely large with bathrooms inside the room. I would like to have a play area for blocks/legos, kitchen, reading/big books and puzzles. I would love to have a block of four to six computers in the classroom for students to cycle through during centers. I would want an projector and ELMO hooked up to a computer with a screen that worked. Most of all, from my perspective as a pinked tenure teacher, I would love to have an environment where teacher’s who are passionate about their job, could find a job!
Unfortunately Klytia it seems as if all administrators have that in mind. I really don’t think it’s their fault. It is what is required of them. If they don’t follow the rules set by the state, county, government, etc. then they are out of a job. I absolutely agree with you that standardized testing does not always measure what a student has learned.

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