Friday, April 22, 2011

Wk 4 Peer Response 1

Jason Peglow says:
My dream job would be to create and work in a “Hybrid” school. It would involve allowing kids to have 1:1, to stay at home like a cyber-school if they choose, or to come to my warehouse school where teachers (facilitators/mentors) are available 24/7 to help facilitate assignments, labs, projects, etc. The parents and students are free to come and go as they choose throughout the day/night and students advance through the curriculum at their own pace. If a parent wants their kid to be “watched” while they are at work … so be it. It can be that kind of school for that parent if need be. There are places for physical education or pick up games and activities, a cafeteria/coffee lounge, etc. It is a place where students want to come to if they need help or to meet friends and work together. It is a place they can come to or not. The curriculum is mobile and so are they.
  • Jason…what an ambitious dream. 24/7 availability for facilitators and an open school environment…wow! I would love to see something like this attempted, and would consider working in that type of place. Let me know when you get it set up.
  • Jason,
    I think that will happen eventually. It is already happening in Universities, and there are some high school students who are taking online courses. The only level of students that I think that will always start out in a traditional school environment will be the elementary kids. They need that start and I think that if they just learn in an online environment they never get the socialization skills they will need.

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