Friday, April 22, 2011

Peer Constructive Criticism

No one likes to be criticized, but sometimes it helps you see what can be corrected. Here is some feedback I received about my paper from my critical friends. to avpa33 <>


I read your paper, and I have a few questions.
So, you documented these technologies problems, but what was answer to these problems?
Did you have a specific path for improvement?
Did you start at a baseline and make improvements?
What did your AR Project do to improve these statistics?

This paper was well written and well documented. Hopefully this helps.

Curt Isakson
 _________________________________________________________________________________ to avpa33 <>

Hi Angela,

I did look at your paper on Wednesday. The thing that stuck out right away was the lack of spacing between the sections. I would add that. Nothing else stuck out on a first glance. I will look more carefully.


Trina Dralus <> to

I have attached your paper with comments. Hope it helps. Love this project. Very interesting!

Happy Easter!



Hi Angela,
I just came to visit my in-laws.  I just saw your paper.  I like your topic. It is very interesting.  What I would suggest is to write your name under the title.  I also noticed that you wrote Methods instead of Methodology.   I also understand we should have conclusions from the Literature Review and Results from the AR.

Well, everything depends on where you are going to publish your AR.  I would suggest to look at their requirements and then do the corresponding changes.

Good luck!

Have a great week!


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