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Wk 4 Publishing Leadership Project

I have worked hard in accomplishing the necessary steps of completing my Action Research project.  The final step required for concluding the project is to have it published.  Since my project is about the impediments teachers have in integrating technology into the curriculum I have decided to submit my Action Research to the Journal of Technology and Teacher Education and Journal of Educational Technology and Society.

The reason I chose JTATE is because in the past I have worked with someone in their research on blended learning, and I presented the article at a conference held in Tennessee for the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education. The journal is for articles related to preservice and inservice teacher education, graduate programs in areas such as curriculum and instruction, educational administration, staff development instructional technology, and educational computing.

 The Journal of Educational Technology and Society is a journal that accepts articles that deal with issues that affect educational technology and society. I thought that my Action Research paper would contain information that complied with this journal.

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Wk 4 Peer Response 2

Klytia Burcham says:
My dream teaching environment would involve an administration that understood that standardized testing is not the most important or valid way of measuring what a student has learned. I would love to have a kindergarten room, like we used to have way back when, that is extremely large with bathrooms inside the room. I would like to have a play area for blocks/legos, kitchen, reading/big books and puzzles. I would love to have a block of four to six computers in the classroom for students to cycle through during centers. I would want an projector and ELMO hooked up to a computer with a screen that worked. Most of all, from my perspective as a pinked tenure teacher, I would love to have an environment where teacher’s who are passionate about their job, could find a job!
Unfortunately Klytia it seems as if all administrators have that in mind. I really don’t think it’s their fault. It is what is required of them. If they don’t follow the rules set by the state, county, government, etc. then they are out of a job. I absolutely agree with you that standardized testing does not always measure what a student has learned.

Wk 4 Peer Response 1

Jason Peglow says:
My dream job would be to create and work in a “Hybrid” school. It would involve allowing kids to have 1:1, to stay at home like a cyber-school if they choose, or to come to my warehouse school where teachers (facilitators/mentors) are available 24/7 to help facilitate assignments, labs, projects, etc. The parents and students are free to come and go as they choose throughout the day/night and students advance through the curriculum at their own pace. If a parent wants their kid to be “watched” while they are at work … so be it. It can be that kind of school for that parent if need be. There are places for physical education or pick up games and activities, a cafeteria/coffee lounge, etc. It is a place where students want to come to if they need help or to meet friends and work together. It is a place they can come to or not. The curriculum is mobile and so are they.
  • Jason…what an ambitious dream. 24/7 availability for facilitators and an open school environment…wow! I would love to see something like this attempted, and would consider working in that type of place. Let me know when you get it set up.
  • Jason,
    I think that will happen eventually. It is already happening in Universities, and there are some high school students who are taking online courses. The only level of students that I think that will always start out in a traditional school environment will be the elementary kids. They need that start and I think that if they just learn in an online environment they never get the socialization skills they will need.

Wk 4 Think out LOUD 2

I am getting close to the end of being part of FSO. It is going to be a bittersweet ending. The bitter part about it is that I will have to seek out new technology information on my own. The sweet part about it is it is finally over and I have a Master's Degree! Overall I have enjoyed my experience here at Full Sail. Every time I pass one of those bill boards that advertise my school I tell the person sitting next to me, "Look that's the school I go to!"
For my Bachelors I attended UCF and when I graduated I was glad and never really had any feeling to go back or to become part of their alumni participants. With FSO I feel differently. I will definitely want to know what is going on in the school once I leave it. As I said before, I am happy I am graduating but I will also miss it.

Wk 4 Think out LOUD

I really enjoyed watching the videos of Film Riot. They gave me a good laugh and taught me something at the same time. They also provided many good resources. I spent a couple of hours looking at their videos. I bookmarked many of the resources they provided for future use.
In the past I bookmarked some resources other professors provided, but I think in this class I received the most information on various websites I can visit and learn from. I would have liked to learn how to use Final Cut. Have to buy it first.

Peer Constructive Criticism

No one likes to be criticized, but sometimes it helps you see what can be corrected. Here is some feedback I received about my paper from my critical friends. to avpa33 <>


I read your paper, and I have a few questions.
So, you documented these technologies problems, but what was answer to these problems?
Did you have a specific path for improvement?
Did you start at a baseline and make improvements?
What did your AR Project do to improve these statistics?

This paper was well written and well documented. Hopefully this helps.

Curt Isakson
 _________________________________________________________________________________ to avpa33 <>

Hi Angela,

I did look at your paper on Wednesday. The thing that stuck out right away was the lack of spacing between the sections. I would add that. Nothing else stuck out on a first glance. I will look more carefully.


Trina Dralus <> to

I have attached your paper with comments. Hope it helps. Love this project. Very interesting!

Happy Easter!



Hi Angela,
I just came to visit my in-laws.  I just saw your paper.  I like your topic. It is very interesting.  What I would suggest is to write your name under the title.  I also noticed that you wrote Methods instead of Methodology.   I also understand we should have conclusions from the Literature Review and Results from the AR.

Well, everything depends on where you are going to publish your AR.  I would suggest to look at their requirements and then do the corresponding changes.

Good luck!

Have a great week!


Wk 4 Reading

In this weeks reading I was touched by the story of truth and reconciliation. In South Africa the Truth and Reconciliation Committee was established for people to explain to the government the atrocities they have committed toward other human beings. Sort of a way to justify what they did or it can also be viewed as a confession. Each person who would speak would tell their story of what happened and prove that they were mandated by the government to do what they were told to do. This committee helped form a movement in this society. A movement that keeps the people moving forward and work as a community.
I strongly believe that when people work together changes can occur much more quickly than when it is just one person trying to make the change. I suppose that is why they always say that two heads are better than one.