Friday, April 8, 2011

Wk 2 Peer Response

Britni says:
I am a combination. I like to buy the CD’s but once I load the songs to my iPod, they usually sit on the shelf. I recently have looked more into the Pandora radio and some of the other subscription sites, but I’m just not sure if I would actually get my money’s worth out of it. A few years ago, I tested out Limewire, but after getting the “blue screen of death” and then a computer crash followed shortly thereafter, I decided to stick with my purchasing the songs I like. Oh and I’ve also found that on Amazon, I can just buy the song/songs I’m interested without buying the whole cd. With apps like Shazam, I find it easier to purchase the specific songs to customize my playlists.

My Response:
I too had an issue with Limewire. Actually I was told by a student of mine to use it. I asked the student if he ever had any problems with the computer after he used it and he said never. There were other students who agreed with him, so I figured I would give it a try. Well, shortly after I installed it my computer went blank. Then it cost me 100 dollars to fix it. Should have used iTunes instead.

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