Friday, April 15, 2011

Wk 3 Peer Response

Implementing new ideas in my school is touchy. We love it, but you need to go about it very carefully, and you just can’t push it. We are contracted year to year.
For example, I wanted to add blog writing for my writing skills class. It was shot down almost instantly. They are just not ready for that. However, when I introduced new websites, the school loved them, and has asked me to teach a class over the summer to the new and returning teachers.
  • Moncrief says:
Wow, I just wanted to ask…Isn’t that backwards? You would think they would love the blogging for many reasons.
When I think of them not accepting blogging the first thought that comes to mind is, “how were they presented with the information about blogging?” Were the administrators shown the benefits of blogging? If they were and they still did not accept it then it can be understood why education does not advance quickly. I think these people are just afraid to try it out.

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