Friday, April 15, 2011

Wk 3 Reading

The Art of Possibility
Possibility is available to all. Keeping a fixed reality does not offer the vision of all of the possibilities that are available. Having a vision and making it a reality is the process of creating. Creation comes from within and we all have different ways of expressing that which we create. Therefore if one wants to awaken this possibility in others they must guide the other in learning how to tap into all the possibilities they have inside of them, and change the way they may perceive situations or things.
It’s all about how a person perception of what is surrounding them, or what becomes part of their reality. If the person can grasp the fact that his or her perception can be changed just by changing their thought pattern they will be able to perceive all of the possibilities that are available to them. Positive thinking reinforces the abilities that are already there for them. Gives the person that feeling of confidence. And should the situation not manifest, as the person desired it is best if that person looks at the good that came from that experience, instead of what did not happen for them.
When one accepts the changes that are occurring and flows with it then transformation happens.


  1. Angela,
    You have addressed key points. Such as possibility is available to all, positive thinking reinforces the abilities that are already there for them [people]. What I am wondering is if you are putting this into practice? How have you done? I think that the hardest part is to put all those nice concepts into practice. It implies lots of being conscious about what we are doing and thinking. Personally, I need to improve a lot!

  2. interesting summary and analysis, especially in view of how we interact with the "reality" that others hold on to.