Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wk 1 Peer Response II

sarah baker-dykes says:
  1. My district encourages teachers to integrate technology in the classroom, however it’s not really expected. Most teachers have Smart Boards in their classrooms and every classroom has at least 2-3 desktop computers too. My principal sees the importance of using technology to enhance instruction and strongly encourages teachers to try new techniques and resources. She observed my classroom to see how I use technology in my classroom earlier in the year and was so excited that she invited our superintendent to come observe my class, too. Since then, I’ve held after-school meetings for teachers who want to start using these new resources in their classrooms. It’s exciting to see other teachers get involved and start using these practices in their classrooms, too!
    • If only the school district would provide and mandate teachers to attend more technology integrating professional development classes then I believe more teachers would be integrating more technology in their lessons.

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